IATA (International Air Transport Association). IATA is an international commercial organization, established over 60 years ago a group of other companies. Today, IATA represents 230 other companies, which carry 93% in the volume of international traffic. The organization represents, manages and serves as the air industry in general.
BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce) This guild, which includes the freight company, logistics, and companies offering various services related to the management, transport, distribution and administration of commercial companies. From the outset, he took the leading position in the service of policy agencies and freight and logistics of mediation in Ecuador, with a view to strategic collaboration among domestic and international trade
ASEACI Ecuadorian organization of cargo agencies and international logistics It is an association that brings together companies cargo, logistics and those offering related activities in the handling, transport, distribution and freight management companies. Since its inception has led policies agenciamiento and freight brokerage and logistics in Ecuador, with the goal of strategically promoting activity against national and international trade.
GTO (Global Transport Organization) It offers around the world direct access to local logistics knowledge and experience with global service. Each workstation GTO is under direct control of representatives of the GTO, with the latest technology in real-time to the destination. Service centers in more than 125 countries and 500 cities around the world, GTO is represented by specially trained staff, which are aimed at maintaining the highest standards for logistics performance.